Maia Aitken

My practice has evolved through my exploration of identity through ideas surrounding place and space. I am interested in the relationship between individuals and the places they find themselves inextricably linked to, as well as the almost psychological landscape that is formed when these connections are explored. Working from cartographic imagery, I rework and abstract the information within my paintings, building layers of varying opacity and simplifying the composition to allow for an almost diminished view of the landscape, one which can be explored or ignored asper the viewer’s choice. There is obvious, and planned, connection between each of the paintings –colour and line reflecting both my emotional response to the spaces and that which I aim to evoke in the viewer – allowing the works to be viewed as separate spaces, while simultaneously acting as a singular and circular depiction of my changing position within them. Though the paintings are, to me, descriptions and journeys to places I feel a connection, I am increasingly interested in the connection between the work and the viewer, and the changing space that is created and mutated each time an individual engages with the work.

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